Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Owlet's Wings

In the dark snowy woods
Where tall trees loom
Owlet wakes to the rising moon...

Solstice Moon, Solstice Sun is a children’s picture book celebrating the wonders of the winter woods and the beauty of the seasonal cycle as the Earth turns toward longer days on the Winter Solstice.   With its gentle rhymes and  colorful innovative illustrations,  Solstice Sun Solstice Moon  fulfills a need within the Pagan community for quality children’s books  which explore the changing seasons  in  the Wheel of the Year and establish a conscious sense of connection with nature.  The story focuses upon Owlet  who  travels through the woods with his mother to learn the secrets of the season.  We work closely together on the text and illustrations focusing upon changes we observe in the  local countryside of the Brandywine River Valley.  

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